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Recently, my story was initially featured online by a national paper. Since then, it’s been shared in over 9 countries, multiple languages, multiple news outlets and reached countless victims. And I’m still pushing. 


As a teenager, I was sexually and emotionally abused by my biological Father. I’ve now waived my legal right to anonymity, and chosen to speak out. For myself, for every other survivor, for anyone else suffering in silence and for every other victim of abuse. I haven’t reached where I am right now easily, but I hope that my story will give people hope. 


My Father took my virginity from me when I was just a child, and that’s something I will never get back. But what I can do is reclaim my power, and my voice and use it to empower other women and men suffering in the same or similar ways. 


These conversations are difficult. But they are SO needed.


No victim should feel ashamed of what has happened to them. No victim should question their worth or worry what people might say and think.


My Father’s sentence concludes in a few months time after serving just 4 years in prison, and 4 on licence. His life will soon return to semi normality. Whilst mine continues to be shaken each and every day. My story needs to be heard.


I am not afraid anymore.

I am not scared anymore.


I have found my strength, and my voice and I will continue to speak out with the aim of empowering others and making my two girls proud.


Now that my story has been shared, and I’ve received an overwhelming amount of love and support from friends, family, and complete strangers, I want to give something more back. 


I’m releasing a set of 5 prints in honour of every single child sexual abuse victim where 100% of the profits made will go to One In Four charity. 


Quotes available: 

  1. You tried so hard to shatter my spirit, but a soul full of love can never be broken
  2. Grow through what you go through
  3. Your worth is not determined by how you were treated
  4. Allow yourself to feel and heal
  5. I am not what happened to me,I am what I choose to become


One In Four are a UK charity who specialise in supporting survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence and abuse, and particularly survivors of child sexual abuse and trauma. They focus on the individual person and believe in the importance of empowering survivors to overcome the trauma of abuse and move forward in their lives.


Thank you for supporting me and my voice! And please feel free to share!


Lauren x


(Please message me @lozcreates on instagram to discuss bespoke personalisation options! This product is NOT framed. Any frames and props pictured are for illustrative purposes only and the purchased item will arrive to you unframed.)

CSA Charity Prints - 100% Of Profits Donated

  • If you have commissioned a custom piece from me such as an illustration, you will be asked for payment upfront. Once I have finished working on your piece, I will send across a sample for you to view. I am more than happy to make amendments to the design where needed to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the design. If after seeing the preview, you decide you no longer want the print, I can process you a refund. However, I will retain 25% of the price of your piece due to the time and effort that I put into each and every one of my prints. 

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