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A few weeks ago now, I posted a video in response to a TikTok trend campaigning to maintain Roe v Wade that went viral and accumulated over 1mill views. If you look through the audio of my TikTok, there're endless videos of women sharing their experiences, all as equally upsetting.


Recently, the Supreme Court officially overturned Roe v Wade, removing the decades old right to legally obtain an abortion. Although the decision doesn’t make abortion illegal nationwide, it solidifies the fact that abortion is no longer a constitutional right, and that, is fucking scary.


Although I don’t live in the US, it’s important to speak up on issues like this, to show support, and stand in solidarity with every woman affected by the harmful consequences of this decision.


I didn’t fall pregnant as a result of my abuse, but the situation could’ve easily been different, and I would have wanted an abortion. It wouldn’t have been easy, but it would have been necessary. I didn’t fall pregnant, yet 8 years later, I'm still suffering. I couldn't shake the thoughts of how much worse my suffering would be had I been forced to carry my own father’s offspring for 9 months, to then have to give birth to it. This is one situation. There are so many more out there where an abortion is right for that woman. This is a war on women.


Stopping people from accessing abortions doesn't stop them, it forces them to seek unsafe abortions, that can have deadly consequences. Access to safe abortions is a matter of human rights, in 2022 it shouldn’t be up for discussion. The fact that it is is truly shocking. My heart truly breaks for everyone affected in the USA right now.


25% of all sales from my pro-choice prints will be donated to NARAL Pro-choice America, an organisation who fight for reproductive freedom for every body.


Quotes available: 

  1. Safe abortion is a human right
  2. You're all pro-life until it's time for gun reform
  3. My body my choice
  4. You are entirely up to you
  5. A womans body is her own fucking business
  6. Regulate your dick


(Please message me @lozcreates on instagram to discuss bespoke personalisation options! This product is NOT framed. Any frames and props pictured are for illustrative purposes only and the purchased item will arrive to you unframed.)

Pro-Choice Prints - 25% Of All Sales To NARAL Pro-Choice America

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